Through strategic collaborations with prestigious universities from UK, France and America, Ceylon Campus offers career-oriented academic programs designed to provide students with competitive softs skills and Industry knowledge to qualify them for employment and meet the demand of the industry.
Ceylon Campus is affiliated with globally recognized top level Universities around the world!

European International University, France

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European International University (EIU) is a registered university in France and ranked as the #70 Business school in the world. EIU programs are specially cater for working adults and young professionals in the modern corporate world to enhance their professional education. Professional programs, industry workshops and a powerful team of top executives who are keen to pass on their knowledge and experience are there to help you boost your career. EIU, Paris have produced qualitative programs that concern the actual business world. Topics concern Virtual Reality, Digital Marketing, Data Protection, Supply Chain, Luxury Retail, Hotel & Restaurant, Wine Tasting, International Trade, Import & Export, and more. All programs are taught in the magnificent city of Paris where we will show you places of interest to either develop your business or boost your career.

International Professionals Academy UK (IPA)

international professional academy

International Professionals Academy UK (IPA) is a n established awarding body based in London as an independent organization provides both ‘Accreditation’ and ‘Assessment’ of qualifications services to educational institutes with a global reach. It designs, develop, deliver and award technical, vocational and academic qualifications in the area of business management, administration, finance health and social care and education sector. IPA’s high valued innovative and quality assured qualifications meet the needs of employers, learner, training, providers, further and higher education colleges and universities worldwide.

IPA(UK) curriculums deal with issues, complexities and challengers to met current international job market requirements and enable gradates to become innovative, entrepreneurial and critical mangers and leaders. And also works as a provider of regulated qualifications on agreements with recognized industry specific awarding organizations.


Apex International college of Professional Studies is a legally registered (PV00269728) and incorporated as a private company under the Companies act No 07 of 2007 and the company is limited in the Democratic Socialist republic of Sri Lanka. APEX INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES(AICPS) is young, dynamic and innovative, and has become a benchmark for Sri Lanka’s new generation of institutes. The quality of our teaching and research features prominently in national rankings, and we’re proud to be among high rated institutes in Sri Lanka.

Harnessing our expertise and strength to create positive impact in our local and global communities is at the forefront of everything we do and shapes our Institute’s purpose for the years to come. We’re Nationally recognized for delivering impactful research that drives positive change. AICPS is top rated by students among the Institutes in Sri Lanka for social and economic impact, which are benchmarked against the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals.

In addition to our research impact, we produce some of the world’s most employable graduates, by anticipating emergent industries and future jobs to prepare them for the future of work. Our graduates are ethical, mobile, technologically literate, and ready for multicultural workplaces. Through our researchers, students, graduates and staff, we’re working towards a more sustainable and equitable future for all. Now, more than ever, it’s our responsibility to continue to use our knowledge and influence for the betterment of society.