Project Description

The Practitioner’s Doctorate degree programmes offered at the European International University (EIU-Paris), are aimed at further enhancing professionals in 3 specific vocational fields, namely business administration and management (D.B.A. and D.Man.), teaching and education (Ed.D.), as well as psychology (Psy.D.).

Since the Practitioner’s Doctorate programmes are undertaken by professionals working in specific vocational sectors, the programmes focus on, and revolve around real-life issues, challenges, and problems that impact workplace dynamics, interactions and performance.

Action research carried out by EIU-Paris’ doctorate students are aimed at solving some of these real-life issues and challenges, along with contributing to the existing body of knowledge and scholarly theories in the field of management, education, and psychology.

Doctorate in Business Administration (D.B.A.) makes one stand out from the crowds, implying to the employer of not only one’s knowledge but also commitment to personal growth and passion of learning. D.B.A degree goes further by showing the capability of applying high-level business theories into real-life cases and problem solving.

D.B.A. Programme Mission Statement

The Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.) at EIU-Paris is committed to fostering excellence in business research and preparing scholar-practitioners who can make significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields. Our mission is to provide accessible and affordable education delivered through a flexible, competency-based online learning platform, enabling students to engage in rigorous academic inquiry, critical analysis, and evidence-based decision-making. We aim to develop leaders with a lifelong learning mindset, adaptability, and the ability to apply advanced research methodologies and theoretical frameworks in industry-focused contexts. Through our D.B.A. program, we aspire to create influential thought leaders who can shape the future of business and contribute to the development of global society.

Programme Benefits

A D.B.A .degree is widely respected and acknowledged practitioner’s doctorate in Business Administration. It is designed to challenge the practical knowledge an experienced professional has acquired through their existing career in business, management, or leadership. In addition, the degree would help professionals to develop new skills through crucial academic research.

As a result, these newly developed skills help an individual take their career to the highest level, preparing them for important decision making and analyses required for top-level leadership positions.

Throughout the D.B.A. programme, candidates are given the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in strategic planning and advanced decision making. This might involve conducting complex analyses within their workplace environment to deepen their knowledge of their vocational sector as a whole.

Professionals undertaking the D.B.A. programme would develop new theories that focus on improving current workplace practices, with the intention of making a positive contribution to real-world sector specific problems and challenges.

Being one the highest level of qualification in the field of business and management, the D.B.A. programme leads to the following benefits to professionals undertaking this programme of study:

  1. Highest level of problem solving and research skills
  2. Increased prospects for international employability
  3. Diversification of career paths