Project Description


The Advanced Certificate in Special Needs Teaching is dedicated to provide professional training in Special Needs Education. The Programme enables you to acquire solid theoretical and practical skills especially designed to meet the unique needs of children with Disabilities. The strength of the programme is that it links academic teaching with the learning of practical skills and offering professional training in the field of special needs education.

To Whom

  • Educators
  • Teachers & Assistants
  • Medical Therapists – occupational, speech and
  • language, physio, occupational, art, music
  • Child care & Social care Workers
  • School Counselors & School Nurses
  • Mid-career Professionals
  • Parents with special needs children
  • Duration: 04 Months
  • Entry Qualification: Completion of G.C.E Ordinary Level or Advanced Level Examination .
  • Mode of Learning and Assessment: Distance Learning and Online Assessments