Project Description


B.B.A. in International Business Management Specialized in HRM: B.B.A. in International Business will allow students to encompass various corporate and commercial activities across international borders. Specialization is designed & develop to provide strong foundation for career in Human Resource Management in an international business environment. Its specialization provides extensive knowledge and understanding of key Employee Management areas and cover skills required in modern business practice with an appreciation of theoretical issues involved in the study of people management in the international business and whilst also helping you to develop range of practical skills which will enhance your value to multinational employers.

  • Duration:

B.B.A Bachelor’s Degree Program up to 2-3 years

B.B.A (Top-up) Program in 1 year

  • Entry Qualification:

B.B.A Bachelor’s Degree: Completion of G.C.E Advanced Level Examination + Proof with sound Knowledge in English reading and writing.

B.B.A (Top-up) Program: Completion of Diploma or Higher Diploma in Management studies + Proof with sound Knowledge in English reading and writing.

  • Mode of Learning and Assessment:

Mode 01: Distance Learning and Online Assessments

Mode 02: Distance Learning for Self-Paced & Online Assessments