Project Description


Bachelors’ degree program in TEFL/TESOL is design to provide a pathway for students into English language teaching. This is the degree most often pursued by people who want hands-on teaching experience and are seeking to work directly with students in the field of English Language studies. The Bachelors of Education in TEFL/TESOL program focuses heavily on advanced coursework in English teaching to hone your expertise. The innovative and specific curriculum is designed to develop necessary skills in critical thinking, creative problem solving and softs skills in communicating effectively what exactly the kind of skills that employers and graduate schools want most. Furthermore, it provides hands-on experience that places you in a classroom as a student teacher to practice what you are learning.

  • Duration: 2-3 Years
  • Entry Qualification: Completion of G.C.E Advanced Level Examination with a credit or merit pass for English language.
  • Mode of Learning and Assessment: Mode 01: Distance Learning and Online Assessments