Project Description


Cambridge Business English: Business Certificate, also known as Business English Certificate [BEC] are a suite of three English Language qualification for international Business. The Certificate area align to the Common European Framework of Reference Language [CEFR]- the internationally agreed standard for describing language ability.

These high quality international English language exams are designed and developed by Cambridge English Assessment Centre of the University of Cambridge.

  • Boost your employability get the English language skills you need to access the best jobs
  • Excel in Business related studies with proven English language skills

Program levels

These are certificate at three levels, so you can develop and improve your English to the level required by your chosen university or Employer

  • B1 Business Preliminary

This is equal to IELTS*band scores 4.0-5.0; A level of English for practical everyday use in an international business environment

  • B2 Business Vantage

This is equal to IELTS*band scores 5.5-6.5; An upper -intermediate level of English for use in an international business environment or abroad studies in high schools

  • C1 Business Higher

This is equal to IELTS*band scores 7.0-8.0; The level of English required for demand study and work settings.

What’s in the Exam?

The exam is designed to be fair to people of all nationalities and linguistic background and they are work-focused exam which

  • Test all four language skills (Reading/writing/speaking/listening) plus grammar and vocabulary in one exam.
  • Use real work-related tasks and activities for practical use in the workplace
  • Feature a face-to -face speaking test for a more realistic test of communicating successfully at work