Project Description


P.G Diploma in Business Management: This program is designed to provide the opportunity for graduates with little or no work experience, to pursue a course of study in business management acceptable to the job market. The objective of this post graduate level is to impart to students a critical awareness of the most up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge in management and related disciplines and to develop their faculties to use such knowledge in practical problem-oriented situations. Upon completion this course-work the students will gain required skills and the professional competence that will enable them to effectively play managerial roles in competitive situations.

  • Duration: 12 months/ 1 Year
  • Entry Qualification:

Bachelor’s Degree in Management field where taught language is English.

Bachelor’s Degree in any field where taught language is English + Experienced in the field of Management.

  • Mode of Learning and Assessment:

Mode 01: Distance Learning and Online Assessments

Mode 02: Distance Learning for Self-Paced & Online Assessments