Project Description


P.G Diploma in Education: With the Postgraduate Diploma in Education Program, participants will be distinguished by their ability to critically apply theory and research and to understand the complex dimensions of current educational issues, practices and/or policies in particular contexts. They will reflect on research and exhibit techniques in analysis, synthesis and critical evaluation of teaching and learning. Individuals will gain advanced skills and knowledge for a variety of educational settings. This graduate course extends their career prospects into new and exciting areas as it is designed to meet the needs of trainers and teachers in education, community, government and industry. It builds on their qualifications or experience – preparing them for higher roles. This is the ideal self-paced distance learning course for Professional Development aimed at individuals in the field of Education. They’ll gain the confidence and skill-set needed to lead educational institutions or organizations in education.

  • Duration: 15-18 Months
  • Entry Qualification:

Bachelor’s Degree in Education field where taught language is English.

Bachelor’s Degree in any field where taught language is English + Experienced in the teaching or educational background.

  • Mode of Learning and Assessment:

Distance Learning for Self-Paced & Online Assessments