Project Description


Graduate learning program in TEFL/TESOL addresses the professional learning needs of English language educators, educational administrators and policy and curriculum makers and other interested or involved in teaching, educational framework in the wider community who may be based either locally or internationally. Teaching English abroad is an exciting job although it requires great passion and responsibility towards the work along with an in-depth understanding of TEFL. International Post Graduate Diploma in TEFL/TESOL has been structured and designed to cover 400 learning hours which will accord you the confidence to teach learners in collages, high schools and universities of any age group anywhere around the world.

  • Duration: 18 Months/1.5 Years
  • Entry Qualification:

Bachelor’s Degree in Education where taught language is English

Bachelor’s Degree in any field where taught language is English + Experienced in teaching profession for 1 to 2 years.

  • Mode of Learning and Assessment:

Mode 01: Self-Paced and Online Assessments
Mode 02: Distance Learning and Online Assessments