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Crafting Competencies to Your Future


Ceylon Campus, we truly value our students, and will do our utmost to care for their efficiency, ability, and performance. We always commit ourselves to serve with quality education for our students in the most favourable environment which can be justified by commendable academic results at an affordable fee along with competencies which may lead their future into a satisfactory level.

In expanding opportunities for young, mature learners and empowering them with right knowledge Ceylon Campus always try to enhance students’ inner skills and drive them towards required competencies to be a well professional, good team player at the international and domestic job market. Today, thousands of students are enrolled into Ceylon Campus, pursuing full time par time programs that range from Foundation, Diplomas to Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree.


“With my heartfelt gratitude I welcome you as you are interested in studying with Ceylon Campus, Sri Lanka. We are having years of experience in providing private sector education and training and looking forward to continue our excellent higher educational programs and trainings while upholding our values & culture. Our team look forward to always welcome you at Ceylon Campus, where we know you will gain a good experience around well professional team & pleasant, enjoyable, challenging, and successful journey in your campus life.

“It’s a great pleasure for me in welcoming you to the Ceylon Campus and I am delighted that you are having an intention to study with us. You also can choose our professional courses from any path as per your wish that leads you to have a well professional higher educational qualification. We mix traditional and modern academic learning methods with the real-world experience for you. Our courses combine theoretical studies with real world cases and best practices used within the business organization and the field of teaching and education. I always look forward in welcoming you to the existing and practical learning environment with Ceylon Campus.”

  • Putting Student First
  • More-focus on Skill Development

  • Orientation * Induction Programs

  • Online Learning Access

  • 24/7 Days Student Counselors’ Support

  • Providing free Mentoring & Career Guidance

ceylon campus
“Study Classes (Tuition classes) at Ceylon Campus is the success behind my higher grades at school examination where I am getting the education with modern learning techniques in a caring environment with lovely teachrs” 

Barani Fernando, Grade 11 School Student
ceylon campus

“The teacher training program provided me extensive knowledge and practice that took me in my career in to a quantum leap thanks Ceylon Campus” 

Maleesha Fernando, Teacher Training Student
ceylon campus

“The Ceylon Campus has enabled me to be advance in the fast-paced environment and gave strategic boost
to start my career in business management”

Ahinsa Sewmini, English & Business Management Student


“We, Ceylon Campus attain for sustaining an excellent level of performance in college students and crafting competencies for young learners to move out from their competitive environment and reach into the level-best in their professional career”


It is the most valuable gift arise in the 21st centuries education industry from the blooming power of the internet and modern telecommunication industry. In fact, there are a number of advantages of learning remotely over even traditional teaching models. We offer number of Distance Learning program starting from Advanced Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors and Master’s Degree programs for young and mature learners who is keen on to develop their professional career. All our distance learning programs are designed for a 100% online learning environment which customized to busy working adults and young professionals in the modern corporate world. While skilled educators will continue to be an integral part of every student’s life, technology will bridge the physical spaces between teachers and learners.

Though there are lots of learning (and teaching) options online, there are a few types that are well supported by existing systems and established pedagogies. Self-Paced Bachelors and Master’s Degree offered through Ceylon Campus are facilitated with student support system and online learning platforms from the affiliated universities.

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